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[순간포착 세상에 이런일이] Ep.1017 '오토마타(Automata) 끝판왕' / 'What on Earth!' review

세상에.. 이게 뭐지???? 목각 인형? 기계 부품?
오토마타 끝판왕이 나타났다...!

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Automata grunderna

I denna film visar jag grunderna i hur du gör en Automata i trä.
Länk till filmen om markera lådans delar:

Länk till filmen om hur du sätter samman vevhuset:

Mallar till kammar hittar du exempel på här:

Wow! Amazing DIY Cardboard Butterfly Automata Toy

Hello friends! We tried to make something different every time, we make Mechanical Butterfly Automata from Cardboard.

It's so fun and really happy with this project. You can learn how to make it with this video. Please keep on watching.

Please like, share and Subscribe. I appreciate all your support. Blessings to you all.

For this project you need:
- Cardboard
- Ice-cream stick \u0026 BBQ bamboo sticks
- Metal bolt
- Electric cable
Spark by Vexento
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